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Online Entrepreneurs Slowly replacing Traditional Entrepreneurs

Category : Technology | Sub Category : | Posted on: 2019-11-14 10:56:13

Online Entrepreneurs  Slowly replacing Traditional Entrepreneurs

Technological innovations have created a new generation of billionaires. Techno savvy people have changed the ways of doing business. Guys behind the many success stories of techpreneurs today include Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brian among many others. The named guys are the ‘mothers’ of techpreneur and have revolutionized the world in so many ways. Techpreneurship is geared high growth potential and a high leverage of knowledge through internet power. 

An entrepreneur who involves high technology in either the production or distribution of his/ her brands or idea is referred as a techpreneur , for instance software and customized application vendors. Techpreneurship can also include those entrepreneurs who make use of the modern technology to reach their customers.

Technology based industries are on the rise and entrepreneurs are keen on using technology in producing innovative products. Techpreneurs, unlike the traditional entrepreneurs do possess both technical and business skills. Due to the dynamics of technology, there has been logical alteration of the tools and skills involved in the production processes. New innovations have led to reduced cost of production and emergence of better customized brands. Techpreneurs and entrepreneurs are two distinct enterprises. All techpreneurs are enterpreneurs, but not all enterpreneurs are techpreneurs. In brief, a techpreneur is a subset of an entrepreneur.

For a techpreneur to remain relevant in the dynamism of technological trend, he or she should: Think of maximizing profits and reduction of manpower; deliver innovative hi-tech products and make good use of hi-tech innovatively to deliver products to consumers. Techpreneurs take the advantage of information, communication technology to do transactions in an effective and cheaper way. Techno-savvy entrepreneurs use the shortest possible means to do business. It is easier to market and sell products through online markets such as eBay, Amazon, Craiglist among many others. Online transactions have cut the cost of production and delivery of products. Technology entrepreneurs is the best form of entrepreneurship that guarantees huge returns, less risks, less cost of production and production of high quality brands that attracts a wider audience. Ever thought of being a successfully entrepreneur, then techpreneurship is the best option.

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